Insurance Forms

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Can I request an insurance form from Morlais?

Forms for insurance companies, forms for employers and all forms of private letter are non-NHS work.

Therefore this work incurs a fee. Our fees are in line with BMA guidance and can be found below. We are being asked to do increasing amounts of this non-NHS work and whilst we aim for a 6-week turnaround, we cannot guarantee this.

Fit to fly and other activities

Please note that we do NOT provide a service stating that a patient is “fit to fly” or “fit” to engage in certain activities, for example skydiving or scuba diving. Patients should consult with a specialist in aviation or sports medicine for specialist advice regarding this sort of activity.

How to request an insurance form

Please ask our friendly Care Coordinators for further advice if you are unsure.

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Example fees

Please find a list of our fees. This is for guidance only and the fee may vary depending on the amount of work involved. All our fees are in line with BMA guidance.



Private Medical Examinations


Adoption (updated)


Standard Patient Letters


Adoption/fostering medicals


Copy of computerised notes only


Copy of complete medical records


Taxi Medicals


Merthyr Tydfil County Council forms


Simbec medicals


Travel Forms


DVLA medicals


All insurance reports


Want to request an insurance form?

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